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Offer your clients the tax saving benefits of FSA's by joining us as a Business Partner, Associate, or TPA!

PowerFlex Business Partners & Associates

Offer your customers the tax saving benefits of flexible spending accounts by becoming a PowerFlex Business Partner or Associate.

PowerFlex Business Partners

PowerFlex Business Partners sell PowerFlex directly to their customers and receive generous margins. There are no sign up fees involved. We are still available to assist you in the sales process for on-line demos and joint sales/conference calls, and you still receive your full margin on each and every sale. 

Please contact us for more information.

PowerFlex Business Associates

Not sure you're the selling type? Infisoft also offers a referral program. Sign up with us as a PowerFlex Business Associate and we’ll lead your referrals through the sales process. When a referral becomes a finalized sale, the PowerFlex Business Associate receives a referral fee.

Referral Partner Program Agreement                  Referral Prospect Form

Please contact us for more information.

PowerFlex - The trusted choice among Third Party Administrators.

PowerFlex Flexible Spending Account Software can be used by TPAs to administer flexible spending accounts for their customers. PowerFlex allows you to set up multiple plans for an unlimited number of companies, making it a snap to administer all of your clients. With PowerFlex, your overhead expenses as a TPA are minimal which maximizes your revenue stream.

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